"As a 3 time Track & Field All-American, sprinting has always been my favorite outlet. After sustaining a hip injury last year that led to 6 months of physical therapy, I entered my senior season filled with fear and anxiety. Every time I stepped on the track I lacked confidence to race aggressively and due to this my performance suffered. It became clear to me that if I did not learn how to overcome the mental hurdles standing in my way I would not reach my goals for the season. Danny Desin's insight, not only as a sports psychology consultant, but as a former collegiate athlete, helped me gain the mental resilience I needed to finish off my season strong. My confidence was restored so that each time I stepped up to the starting line I felt excited to race and not scared anymore. I am extremely grateful for all the mindset/visualization skills Danny taught me. These skills I learned I was able to apply to my life both on and off the track. Looking back, I am extremely thankful I reached out to Danny, it paid off immensely."

College Track Athlete


"My time with Danny this past year was indispensable. It was incredible to be able to sit down with someone and discuss the mental side of rehabilitation, the game, and life overall -- all things I know I put off talking about for way too long. Danny took me through exercises and drills in session that I am able to use each day of my life to help continue to battle through the mental hurdles that are ever present in my life as a student-athlete. He was a major part to my progress and success this past year and I tell all my teammates, friends, coaches, parents, you name it, how great of work he does. I am excited to continue my work with Danny as I transition into another school year and another season."

College Basketball Player




"One of the most important aspects of coaching any sport is building strong bonds and relationships with your players that will last a lifetime.  This usually requires coaches to go above and beyond to reach their players by doing more with them than just coaching their respective sport. At Billings Central we do many different team building activities to achieve our goals of building strong relationships. Having Danny on staff, who is educated in sport psychology, is a tremendous gift.  He has helped transform each team each season by reaching their potential as a team and individually by being the best version of themselves. Danny helps our athletes win in the game of life and not just on the basketball court."

 Jim Stergar, Head Boys Basketball Coach at Billings Central Catholic HS

“I have known Danny Desin for years, both as a student-athlete and as a coach.  He was in my Psychology of Coaching class at MSUB and I knew then of his interest in Sport Psychology.  He knows how to improve student-athlete performances by developing their mental abilities.  Danny has definitely earned my trust and confidence.  Sport Psychology and effective mental training are becoming more and more important prevalent in sports today and I believe Danny has the skills to improve both a team’s and/or an individual ‘s performance through the use of Sport Psychology.”

Kevin Woodin, Head Women's Basketball Coach and Head Men's and Women's Golf coach at MSU-Billings

I was feeling very overwhelmed with balancing my sports practices and school work, and was experiencing a lot of anxiety about it. Sports psychology counseling with Danny helped me tremendously, and helped me finish the semester better than I began it. I was extremely grateful to have this resource available.

College Soccer Player

"Danny worked with our team last year and did a great job!  He was a huge part of our record breaking season and helped our student-athletes reach new levels of performance. I would highly recommend Danny to anyone looking to take their performance to the next level."

Aaron Pohle, Head Men's and Women's Golf Coach at Rocky Mountain College